The AGMA Online Workforce Education Training Series was funded by grants from the AGMA Foundation in 2006 and 2016.

There are 3 courses in the series: Fundamentals of Gearing, Hobbing, and Parallel Gear Inspection. The courses are free for AGMA members. There this a nominal cost for non-members.

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The Workforce Training Series was developed to assist current new-and mid-level employees of gear manufacturers. The series provides a comprehensive overview of gearing to enhance students’ understanding of essential terminology and practices within the industry. Students go through a self-paced training course followed by a test for each course. Study guides and related materials, including practice tests, are provided for optimal success.

This series of courses has been developed using AGMA Standards. The material references AGMA Information sheet 915-1-A02 and ANSI/AGMA technical standards 2015-1-A01 and 2015-2-A06.

Fundamentals of Gearing
This course is a comprehensive overview of the industry. It begins with a brief history of gearing, proceeds through the topics listed below, and concludes with definitions of 37 important technical terms used in gearing.

  • Parallel axis gear basics
  • Involute tooth form
  • Description of the gear
  • Diametrical pitch/Module
  • Pitch
  • Pressure angle

Parallel Gear Inspection
This course includes basic concepts for gear measurement, the tools and instruments used, the evaluation of gear characteristics, definitions of terms, and an introduction to gear quality classification.

Topics covered include:

  • Categories of measurement on a gear
  • Double flank composite inspection
  • Single flank composite inspection
  • The sequence of measurements
  • When should gear elements be measured
  • Mean helix slope deviation
  • Classification of gear quality

This course is designed to present the basics of hobbing to hobbing machine operators, gear technicians, and engineers. It covers the following material:

  • Hobbing process
  • Hob cutting tool terminology
  • Generating gears
  • Hobbing machine terminology
  • Measuring, mounting, and truing the hob
  • Mounting and truing the work piece
  • Basic part inspection
  • Tooth size, runout
  • Recognizing problems

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