AGMA Foundation Announces Release of Report on Tribology Test Program

The AGMA Helical Gear Rating Committee recognized the need to evaluate changes in gear life due to differences in lubricant viscosity, base stock and additive types.

With the support of in-kind contributions of material and manufacturing, and the financial backing of donations to the AGMA Foundation, the Tribology Test Program was developed to investigate a way to increase the accuracy of gear capacity calculation standards such as AGMA 2001 and ISO 6336 by providing a better way to evaluate the performance of lubricants which are configured to resist pitting and micropitting in industrial carburized gear applications.

The final report of the first phase of this program, compiled by William Bradley, former Vice President of AGMA’s Technical Division, is available from the AGMA Foundation. Please send your request to:

The report discusses the scope and objectives of the program; results of prototype testing conducted to validate the design of the gears being used and the planned test procedures; benchmark testing conducted by the various testing sites to ensure cohesive results; additional investigations which were made during the program to analyze the test data being generated; and, recommendations for future testing.

Much was learned from the test results obtained during this ground breaking project. It is an example of the exciting work that is ongoing in our technical committees, and made possible by donations to the AGMA Foundation. You are encouraged to get involved with AGMA technical committees to stay up-to-date with what is going on in the gearing industry.

To learn more about the AGMA Foundation, including how to make a contribution, please visit Gearing for the Future.


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