Applications for the 2018 AGMA Foundation Scholarship Awards are now Closed.

New for 2018!
Technical/Associate Scholarships are raised to $2,500 per year.
Preference is Given to Applicants with Work Experience in the Gearing and/or Power Transmission Industries.

For Full Details, See the 2018 AGMA Foundation Scholarship Guidelines and Application Form

The AGMA Foundation awards scholarships to outstanding engineering students at the Associate/Technical, Undergraduate, and Graduate levels. The scholarship program was created to help fill the need for skilled employees in the gear industry. Scholarship recipient follow-up demonstrates the success of this program, as 86% of recipients are currently employed in gearing.  Three graduate, six undergraduate and one technical school student received scholarship awards in 2017.

The Review Process

Guidelines for distribution of funds and criteria for selecting recipients are established by the AGMA Foundation Board of Trustees and implemented by the Scholarship Committee. Selected by the Board of Trustees, the Scholarship Committee comprises business members of the gear industry who have experience in workforce education. The Committee reviews applications and makes recommendations for the Foundation’s Board of Trustees for final approval.

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Bowser and Neidig close up

Isaac Bowser – Taylor University
Isaac is attending Taylor University while working part time for ITAMCO. Isaac is pictured here with Gary Neidig, President of ITAMCO and a member of the AGMA Board of Directors.

Jack 5-19-18 Graduation Photo taken by Kris Jaeger we have permission to use

Jack Jaeger – Waukesha County Technical College
Jack, the first student to receive funding from the new Technical/Associate Scholarship program, graduated in May 2018 and has started a career in the gear industry.  See his Thank You video here!

Tiffany Lim-AGMA

Tiffany Lim – The Ohio State University
Tiffany is a research associate in the OSU Gear Lab. Tiffany’s goal is to, “gain knowledge of gear efficiency and durability under different circumstances to help manufacturers’ avoid gear failure.” See her Thank You video here!

Maners Photo
Nolan Maners – Western Kentucky University
An undergraduate mechanical engineering major, Nolan hopes to channel his passion for robotics into inventions that will make life easier. See his Thank You video here!


Yue Peng – University of North Carolina at Charlotte
See her 2017 Thank You video here! Mechanical Engineering Graduate student Yue Peng is working at the Siemens Solutions Lab at UNC Charlotte while attending school. Her research is focused on gear metrology. See her 2016 Thank You video here!  Left photo is Yue accepting the Scholarship Award from AGMA Foundation Chairman Scott Moss, right photo is Yue Peng working at UNC Charlotte.

Sivasothy Photo
Aggash Sivasoth – University of Waterloo
Aggash is fascinated by robotics, and aspires to a career in automotive engineering. See his Thank You video here!

Joshua Smith – Colorado State University
Joshua is pursuing Undergraduate degrees in Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering. He hopes to work in the robotics field. See his Thank You video here!

Turhan Photo July 2018
Mustafa Turhan – University of Waterloo
A PhD candidate, Mustafa’s research interest is virtual manufacturing. He is working to develop a virtual model of machine tool axes and correct dimensional errors by using trajectory correction algorithm (Iterative Learning Control). Models and trajectory correction algorithms, which will be developed in this research, will utilize a grinding machine tool as a testbed. University of Waterloo – Precision Controls Group is collaborating with Ontario Drive & Gear to carry out this project.

Michael Ustes – University of Michigan Dearborn
Michael, an Undergraduate, is pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and hopes to work in the powertrain industry.

Jacob Vanderveen – Grand Valley State University
Jacob’s introduction to gearing came in an internship at Tawas Tool, where he helped design hobbers and cutters . See his Thank You video here!

Past AGMA Foundation Scholarship Recipients:

Louis David Archambault (2014 & 2015) is pursuing a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Ecole de Technologie Superieure.  His research focus is tribology. See his Thank You video here!

Christian Brower (2016) attended Western Michigan University. His research goals are modeling the coefficient of friction in gears for sliding friction loss predictions. See his Thank You video here!

Matthew Cane (2014) is working full time in gear industry while completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Technology at Southern Illinois University.

M.D. Fahad (2015 & 2016) received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from The Ohio State University, where he conducted gear micropitting research in Ohio State’s famed Gear Lab. Today, Fahad is employed in the gear industry.

Ryan Hall (2014) has graduated from Valparasio University and is now employed by Caterpillar.

Andrew Katz (2015) is finishing his graduate studies at the University of Waterloo while working at Ontario Drive & Gear.

Denis J. Lang (2016) graduated from Penn State Erie in May 2017 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and now works in the auto industry.

Xihui Liang (2015) finished his PhD. at the University of Alberta, and is now doing a Post Doc at the University’s Reliability Research Lab.

Tyler O’Brien (2012-2014) graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering.

Cole Rickerson (2016) is an undergraduate in  Texas A&M’s engineering department, and is “intrigued by the number of things that can be engineered using gear technology.” See his Thank You video here!  

Sally Starnes (2013 & 2015) is completing a Master’s Degree at the Georgia Institute of Technology while working at DNV KEMA Renewables.

Aaron Thaler (2010) received a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from The Ohio State University. While at Ohio State, Aaron worked in the Gear Lab.

Jacob Van Dorp (2013-2015) will soon receive his Master’s Degree from the University of Waterloo.  Jacob is employed by Ontario Drive & Gear.

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