AGMA Foundation Awards Grant to AGMA for Creation of “Gear Failure Analysis” Course

The course is available through the AGMA website.

At the August 2011 meeting of the AGMA Foundation Board of Trustees, the Trustees approved a $50,000 Foundation grant to AGMA for creating a web-based “Gear Failure Analysis” advanced engineering course.

The three-day live course, presented by Robert L. Errichello, P.E. of GEARTECH, was videotaped and is presented on the internet as a series of 11 segments, with an accompanying course manual and test questions. The goal of this project is to preserve the body of knowledge of an esteemed instructor as well as increase the reach of advanced engineering programs to those unable to travel to seminar locations.

In the “Gear Failure Analysis” video-based course, trainees examine various types of gear failure such as bending fatigue, Hertzian fatigue, wear, scuffing, and cracking. Possible causes of these failures are presented along with suggestions for preventing them.

The AGMA Foundation is funded through the generous contributions of companies and individuals in the gear industry.

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