AGMA Foundation Awards Grant for Update of Online Detailed Gear Design Course

At the August 2016 meeting of the AGMA Foundation Board of Trustees, the Trustees approved a Foundation grant to AGMA for updating the on-line “Detailed Gear Design – Beyond Simple Service Factors,” advanced engineering course. The three-day advanced engineering seminar, originally funded by the Foundation in 2009 and presented by D.S.T., Inc and Ray Drago, features 15 one-hour video lectures along with a study guide and online certification test modules. The goal of this grant project is to increase the reach of advanced engineering programs to those who are unable to travel to seminar locations, including international participants.

Watch a sample of the online program “Detailed Gear Design” with Ray Drago

“AGMA Foundation provided seed funding to get the very first Detailed Gear Design seminar going, and it has flown!” said Arlin R. Perry, AGMA Foundation’s then chairman about the popular seminar. “We are pleased to provide additional support that will make it possible for more engineers to benefit from this educational opportunity.”

Detailed Gear Design Video Course

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